Jill (slapsomeone) wrote in rabbitsonly,

Hi I'm Harvey

My name is Harvey, and I am a black rabbit. My ears sometimes drag on the ground, but I don't mind. I live with a big rabbit named Jill. She's HUGE! Her ears don't even come CLOSE to touching the ground, but she's okay anyway. I let her sleep on my pillow, and let her pet my nose as I snuggle up against her cheek as I fall asleep.

A few things you should know about me: I live in Seattle, and half the house is mine. At first I was afraid of hopping on the hardwood floors, but now I bust it LOOSE! I've learned how to go REALLY fast, and that's helpful when I need to run figure 8s around Jill's feet (which aren't even fuzzy!).

I don't want to brag too much, but I'm really good at customizing my own toys. Jill kept giving me balls and pinecones and tinker toys, but she's not a very good rabbit. She actually gave them to me WITHOUT chewing on them! Luckily, I got right on that, and chewed some of the less-worthy toys to bits. I've put my personal touches on the other toys, and spend a lot of time nudging them around on the floor and my bed, which I let Jill sleep in too! Don't let anyone say I'm not a generous rabbit.

I spend a lot of time digging in my dig box, and playing in piles of hay! Dusty Sedaris even sent me a box of hay because Jill wrote to Dusty's mom Amy telling her about me. I love the hay, and have had a blast playing in/shredding the box!

I'm a very busy rabbit, and I plan to update this blog regularly so you can all know what it's like to be a little rabbit.
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What's your favorite kind of hay to have in your dig box? I like orchard grass and oat blend.

I prefer oat blend for digging and chewing, with a layer of timothy hay (garden variety....SIGH!) on the bottom.

I used to love timothy hay, but since Dusty Sedaris sent me the oat blend, I have developed a more sophisticated palate.
The same thing happened to my sisters! My mom bought them a bale of cheap orchard grass from a farmer. That's what she uses in our dig boxes because so much of it ends up getting thrown out on box changing day. They were fine with the orchard grass, but then Dusty Sedaris sent them fancy mountain hay and really nice oat blend. They got really picky after that! But that's OK because my mom still orders us that kind of hay sometimes. But she gives it to us special--she'll fill up our dig boxes with orchard grass but just gives us a large handful of oat hay at a time, so we eat most of it.